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Most ESKO flow meter products are customizable by selecting specific build options.

Variable Area Flow Meters

ESKO is a North American manufacturer and distributor of variable area flow meters for liquids and gases. We supply a wide range of meters from small purge flows to large industrial flows. Flow level alarms are available on most models.

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Designed for Seal Water Monitoring

ESKO is a leading supplier of seal water meters in both single and dual flow models. Designed for trouble-free operation, available features include built-in tube cleaning plungers, clog resistant flow valves and extra large flow channels. All ESKO seal water meters can be equipped with flow level alarms for water conservation and cost savings.

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Customized for Oil Lubrication

ESKO oil lubrication meters and systems are designed for monitoring circulating oil lubrication systems. Meters are available as single meters or multi-tube banks. Lubrication monitoring systems can be furnished in custom stainless steel panels and enclosures, complete with flow alarms.

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Grease Lubrication Products by Assalub

ESKO is a stocking distributor of popular ASSALUB products in North America. A wide range of manual and automatic grease handling products is available.

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Level / Pressure / Temperature

ESKO is a stocking distributor of Tempress precision level and pressure gauges and DropsA oil lubrication systems.

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Optical Sheet and Felt Guide

ESKO ESTRAC 1000 brings leading edge technology to optical sheet break detection with reliable break detection based on reflection of modulated infrared light.

Customers with ESKO ESTRAC 2000 non-contact felt guide systems have reported double felt life.

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